• Technical translation

We have accumulated extensive experience over the years in translating technical texts such as manuals and documents from the fields of industry, software, machinery and automation as well as other specialised sectors. By putting together the right project team, we can ensure a flawless end product for you that will help you achieve your goals.

• Legal translation

We ensure quality legal translations by working with qualified translators specialised in legal texts. The texts then undergo a final review by lawyers who also translate.

• Medical / Medical technology translation

We work with translators specialised in the medical / medical technology sector. We also have a team of doctors who translate and who actively check translated documents before delivery. By employing this system we can guarantee the quality of your medical documents. Medical exams, patient records, protocols, pharmaceutical infosheets, and user instructions for medical devices are just some of the types of texts we’ve undertaken in this sector.

Areas of specialisation

  • Heavy industry
  • Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural machinery, forestry
  • Packaging and filling machines
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation
  • Heating / Τhermal engineering
  • Energy systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Electric devices and household appliances
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical technology / laboratory technology
  • Furniture
  • Law
  • Textiles

Terminology / Translation Memory management

Terminology, whether provided by the customer or developed by our translation team, forms the basis of any technical translation. Accurately translating terms into the target language and ensuring they are uniformly used means that the text can be suitably understood by the target market. In addition, the use of translation memories for each individual project and customer helps maintain the same style and uniformity across the entire project and other related projects, while also generating major cost savings for the customer.

Proofreading and editing texts

Our agency’s standard practice is to proofread all translation projects, whether the customer asks for this or not. This is an additional safety check which helps ensure that the end project is of top quality.
Proofreading or editing your texts is also available as a stand-alone service. We can arrange for expert proofreaders / editors whose skills are appropriate to your type of text to perform this task for you.